Sizing Guide

How To Find Your Size

→ For splints worn on the PIP/mid finger or DIP/end fingertip, find the size above and below the joint.

→ For splints worn at the base of the finger, the ring size is needed. If the splint spans the finger, include the  PIP/mid and/or DIP/end fingertip sizes. 

→ For splints worn on two digits, both ring sizes are needed.

→ For thumb splints, find the size above, around, and below the IP/end thumb joint. The MCP/mid joint size is not needed.

Now, close your open jaw, and breathe. It's okay. The terminology can be a bit confusing, but I'm here to help. The short of it is, I usually just need to find the size on either side of (above and below) the problem joint. For some of the splints I just need the ring size. It's pretty simple really, but if it totally frazzles you, feel free to text 865-745-9010, it's the fastest way to get help (unless it's 2am).   -Rebecca  

Sizing Submissions

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