Tapersplint™ Full Finger Support

The Tapersplint™ helps to support the entire finger, spanning from the MCP knuckle joint to the end fingertip joint (DIP joint). This splint cannot be worn on the thumb. Finger support may be required for ALS or drop finger, recovery and protection from sprains or breaks (post-injury healing phase only - be sure all swelling has subsided).


  • full finger support
  • ALS or drop finger to retain some dexterity
  • sprains or breaks - once swelling has subsided - breaks should be completely healed first and the splint should only be used as outer protection and not as a cast

Tapersplint™ Full Finger Support

Will be worn on
  • Please find the size around the mid finger joint (PIP joint) and the end fingertip joint (DIP joint).

    It is HIGHLY recommended to use a ring sizer or multisizer to find your sizes. If you don't have a ring sizer already, I have sizers available here or feel free to purchase one elsewhere to take your measurements. A lot of times, a jeweler will help you find your ring sizes as well.

    If you have a sewing-type "fabric" tailor's tape measure, that can be used. Centimeters/millimeters are more accurate than inches, and a more narrow/skinny tape measure will be even more accurate. PLEASE NOTE: If using a tape measure, please allow for size discrepancy, usually on the large size. Tape measures can be off by as much as 3 ring sizes if done with too wide of a tape measure or in inches. Again, a ring sizer or multisizer is the best method. Once you have your cm/mm measurement, it can be converted into a US ring size at ringsizes.co


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