The Tapersplint™ helps to support the entire finger, spanning from the MCP knuckle joint to the end fingertip joint (DIP joint). This splint cannot be worn on the thumb. Finger support may be required for ALS or drop finger, recovery and protection from sprains or breaks (post-injury healing phase only - be sure all swelling has subsided).


  • full finger support
  • ALS or drop finger to retain some dexterity
  • sprains or breaks - once swelling has subsided - breaks should be completely healed first and the splint should only be used as outer protection and not as a cast

Tapersplint™ Full Finger Support

$48.00 Regular Price
$31.20Sale Price
Will be worn on
  • Please find the size around the mid finger joint (PIP joint) and the end fingertip joint (DIP joint). We only accept measurements taken with our Sizing Kit,  which we provide for free with any order, if you don't know your sizes. Simply type "not sure"  in the box above before adding the product to your cart, and we'll get a Sizing Kit shipped. Instructions on how and where to measure will be included. Once you have your sizes, simply contact us with your name, order number, and sizing information, and we'll get your custom splints shipped!

    Please Note: Orders submitted with any other sizing method, or if we are unsure about your sizing, will automatically receive a free Sizing Kit, and your order will be shipped once additional sizing has been submitted. This simply helps to limit return shipping costs for our valued customers and helps ensure your splint is the right fit the first time around!

    If you already have our sizing tool:
    Please find the size above and below the affected joint for this splint. TIP: the sizer should be snug but not tight, crimp the finger or thumb by making a loose fist to find your comfort size. 

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