The Infinisplint™ helps to limit arthritis pain at the MCP knuckle joint. Pain at this joint junction can be caused by injury to the area, or commonly repetitive stress injury (RSI).


  • MCP knuckle arthritis or pain
  • RSI and pain from computer mouse use 
  • Stress injury or pain from a repetitive hobby (i.e. knitting or crochet)

Infinisplint™ Knuckle Arthritis

  • Please find the size around both affected fingers. 

    It is HIGHLY recommended to use a ring sizer or multisizer to find your sizes. If you don't have a ring sizer already, I have sizers available here or feel free to purchase one elsewhere to take your measurements. A lot of times, a jeweler will help you find your ring sizes as well.

    If you have a sewing-type "fabric" tailor's tape measure, that can be used. Centimeters/millimeters are more accurate than inches, and a more narrow/skinny tape measure will be even more accurate. PLEASE NOTE: If using a tape measure, please allow for size discrepancy, usually on the large size. Tape measures can be off by as much as 3 ring sizes if done with too wide of a tape measure or in inches. Again, a ring sizer or multisizer is the best method. Once you have your cm/mm measurement, it can be converted into a US ring size at


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