I wear the heck out of my splints, and don't take care of them. I scratch them, put big nicks in them when I'm working, accidentally get bleach or cleaners on them, etc. If there's damage to be done, I know how to do it.

Your 925 sterling silver and 14kt gold and rose gold filled ring splints can be treated and cared for just as you would any precious metal jewelry. A polishing cloth can help with silver tarnish or jewelry cleaner can be used if needed. If you have received a small black anti-tarnish tab with your splint, this will help your silver splints. If you do experience some tarnishing over time, gently use a white spongy Professional Polishing pad, which I have available.

I simply take one of my Professional polishing pads, and start wiping back and forth until it looks like 'new' again. I just wipe for about 15 seconds and I'm good to go. The micro sanding that's built into the pad is perfect for those little scratches and a quick buff. 

I try to keep the polishing pads stocked in the shop. They are consumable, and you'll get about ten cleanings before tossing the pad. 

Happy polishing,