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At Splint Life, we provide handcrafted silver ring splints for finger deformities and pain, including: trigger finger and thumb, hypermobility and EDS, arthritis, mallet finger, basal thumb arthritis, lateral deviation, ALS, swan neck and boutonniére deformities and more.

Product shown: Trigger Versasplint™

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How It Works

No prescription or doctor's referral is required. Simply browse and checkout. If you don't know your sizing, a local jeweler can help or purchase a reusable multisizer, then return to place your order.

If you're not sure what splint you might need, contact us. We love to help!

Product shown: Hypersplint™

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“This splint works so well for my trigger thumb. I can wear it all the time and it looks pretty too. The custom sizing is great and I appreciate that I can adjust it as well. Worth every penny.”

— Wendy

Product: Trigger Versasplint™

in Sterling Silver


“Perfect, as always! I love having all colors in yellow, rose gold and silver!”

— Margaret

Product: Hypersplint™

in Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Fill and Yellow Gold Fill

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